Environment Public Authority, its objectives and activities:


Environment Public Authority was established pursuant to the law No. 21 of 1995 amended under No. 16 of 1996. This year, Environment Public Authority celebrated moving to its new headquarters building, carefully prepared to all sections representing different activities of the Environment Public Authority. The building was designed to be fully smart and eco-friendly

Environment Public Authority is concerned with carrying out all the actions and tasks meant for protecting the environment in Kuwait, particularly:

  1. Drafting and application of the general policy of the state regarding the protection of the environment and the development of strategies and action plans for the protection of environment and conservation of natural resources and ecosystems and to achieve sustainable development goals, including the right industrial and urban criteria for human life, industrial and urban expansion and the exploitation of natural resources in a manner that ensures preservation of workers health and the safety of all facilities, working environment and the protection of the environment and maintaining the ecological balance in general
  2. The preparation and supervision of the implementation of integrated action plans that include all issues related to the protection of the environment in the short and long term, in coordination with concerned state agencies in the light of environmental policies.
  3. Environment Public Authority supervises all activities, procedures and practices concerned with environment protection, in addition to their follow up and evaluation.
  4. The definition of pollutants and setting standards for the quality of the environment and the preparation of laws, rules and regulations and requirements for the protection of the environment and following up their implementation and the development of measures to prevent, reduce and control environmental pollution and setting controls in coordination with the concerned authorities in the country.
  5. Setup and participate in guiding and supporting research and studies in the field of environmental protection and maintenance of resources and environmental development and follow-up evaluation of the results and the implementation of its recommendations by the concerned authorities in the country.
  6. Identify problems resulting from environmental pollution and degradation in collaboration with local and international institutions concerned with the environment and to propose appropriate solutions and follow-up application.
  7. Study of regional and international conventions concerned with the environment and to express an opinion in relation to joining them in coordination with the concerned authorities, and in collaboration with these organizations and coordination with them regarding the implementation of the terms of these agreements.
  8. Follow-up on developments in international law in the field of environmental protection.
  9. Coordinating State relations with international and regional organizations concerned with the environment.
  10. Setting the general framework of education programs and environmental education and awareness, and raise the level of environmental awareness and achieve positive community participation in environmental protection mode.
  11. Develop and implement a comprehensive environmental surveys ongoing environmental standards, indicators and monitoring programs in all environmental sectors and carry out environmental monitoring and measurement in addition to continuous follow-up of the quality of the environment.
  12. Develop a comprehensive plan to address environmental disasters and to take the necessary action to face them in war and peace times in coordination and cooperation with the concerned authorities.
  13. Establish an integrated action plan to support the institutions and civil society and work to rehabilitate sectors of society on the ways and means of protecting the environment and in cooperation with the concerned authorities.
  14. Develop a system to assess the environmental impact of various state projects and the development of guiding evidence and the necessary procedures to be implemented and providing a technical opinion in this regard prior to the approval of their implementation by the concerned authorities.
  15. Study environmental reports submitted to it on the environmental situation in the country and take relevant necessary measures, and prepare an annual report that includes all of the general environmental situation and environmental performance of state institutions in the State of Kuwait.
  16. Grant approval to companies, institutions and consultancy offices specialized in the preparation of the environmental impact evaluation or provide environmental consulting or environmental audit, and those working in the field of environmental services, and laboratory studies to exercise these activities.
  17. Establishment and development of a comprehensive environmental database of the State and work to improve environmental decision-making and achieve electronic link with the state institutions and data exchange mechanisms among them.
  18. Preparing data and indicators on the State of Kuwait and publishing the same in the official reports and statistics of Environment Public Authority and the relevant authorities within the country and abroad.
  19. Development of standards and requirements to be abided by entrepreneurs and enterprises and take the prescribed measures against violators of these standards and conditions.

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