1. “Recycling Art” Campaign”: This campaign aims at shedding light on the fine art works that can be made using recycled materials.
    1. Date: January 1 (start)
    2. Place: launches online inviting famous social media sites, and extends to schools and universities.
    3. Concludes with an exhibition for artworks submitted and collected from schools and different places, to be held in the Avenues for three days, followed by 3 days in 360 mall.
  2. Plastic Bottles Collection Campaign: Commences with the beginning of the month encouraging waste separation at source, and collection of plastic bottles for specific environmental objectives.
    1. Date: December 1 – 31st
    2. Place: All areas of Kuwait, including Universities, Co-operative Societies and schools.

  1. Continuing “Together, Better” campaign and expanding its scope, along with plastic bottles collection campaign.
    1. Date: 1 – 31st
    2. Place: Universities, Governmental and private entities.
  2. Environment Museum Event: Organizing an educational event on environmental life in the Gulf Waters and its nature.
    1. Date: January 14

Place: Environmental Museum, followed by publication of the documentary material in the media and online

  1. A voluntary activity for cleaning beaches and public locations prior to the national celebrations.
    1. Commences as of February 1: Inviting volunteers to participate (directed by Environment Public Authority)
    2. A work plan in all vital and most crowded places in Kuwait.
  2. Executing an environment-friendly project to be presented as a gift to Kuwait during this month.
    1. To be announced at the end of the month in conjunction with the national celebrations.
  3. Starting the countdown of preparing for recycled figures in all vital squares in Kuwait as a notion of the benefits of recycled materials and the importance of recycling.

  1. Installation of artistic figures made of recycled materials in vital public squares in Kuwait.
    1. Date: Beginning of March.
    2. Place: Public squares.
  2. Weekly workshop at schools to teach children decoupage art of utilizing recycled materials, and training young men on methods of their utilization.

  1. Honoring organizers of “Expired Medications Collection” campaign by Environment Public Authority.
    1. Date: April 7, in conjunction with international health day.
    2. Place: Headquarters of Environment Public Authority.
  2. Display of “Hope Booth”, as a complementary of “Last Tree” booth, on how to build hope for a healthier environmental life.
    1. Date: Launches April 7

Places: the Avenues – 360 Mall – Marina Mall – The Gait Mall

  1. Beach Cleaning Campaign:
    1. Date: Commences May 1
    2. Place: Kuwait beaches, sequentially as scheduled.

  1. Honoring volunteers participating in the “Its Worthy Our Protection” and displaying campaign achievements.
    1. Date: August 18
    2. Place: the Avenues.

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