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1. Batteries collection contest:


 This campaign begins as of November

Target group: public and private schools, primary phase

The message: encourage students to collect empty batteries and to instill the idea that it could be used after expiry.

Campaign period: One month to be renewed taken into account the level of students’ engagement.

Conditions to be met:

Only primary school students

Batteries in an operating conditions will not be counted.

The student gets a cinema ticket for every 10 empty batteries.

Mechanism of Action :

Obtaining the approval of different educational authorities in educational sectors to help us spread the campaign in schools affiliated to each sector.

Tickets to be delivered to the school canteen wherein the exchange process will take place.

Batteries are to be collected by the Environment Public Authority from various schools in the dates to be agreed upon.

There is a hot line to connect with the Environment Public Authority for the collection of batteries and the distribution of movie tickets

Direct prize: Cinema tickets for age-appropriate movies (films shown in the Scientific Center)

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2. Recycling art contest:

Best artistic work from all schools made from recycled materials are chosen for the exhibition for recycling cruising malls in Kuwait.

Contest starts during the month of December.

Target group: students of specialized technical schools and universities, as well as bodies with artistic interest.

Message: Denoting that waste can be transferred into art of reflecting stunning ideas

Conditions to be met:

All participants should be young amateur artists or non-professional.

Priority for the younger generation until 25 years.

Artworks to be submitted before 12/30/2015

National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters shall assess the submitted works to choose the best for displaying in the exhibition.

Mechanism of Action :

Idea to be sent through official bodies such as the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters and its channels.

Giving lectures on the art of recycling in schools, universities.

Providing details about the contest and its details, where and how to subscribe through various media channels.

Commencing registration of art works through the campaign website.

Awards: Certificates of honor for selected works and writing the student’s name on the work in the exhibition.

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3. Beach Cleaning Activity:

companies to be contacted for sponsoring the activity, and participants and enthusiasts are to be honored.

This activity commences in the month of February 2016.

Target group: Voluntary campaign for all ages and groups

Message: Kuwait is our environment and we care about it.

Mechanism of Action:

The announcement of the activity and collecting volunteers data.

Geographical distribution of volunteers.

Providing the required means for garbage collection and containers.

Media coverage of the activity to encourage its recurrence and encourage volunteer work.

Awards: certificates of honor presented by the Environment Public Authority for the participating companies and for the volunteers.

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