Our Campaign Goals

Raising the level of awareness of the importance of environmental issue via several clear means that can attract supporters, and unify their awareness efforts.

i. Waste Recycling Issue
The campaign aims at shedding light on the environmental dimensions and benefits in case of applying a clearly defined system for waste separation, classification and recycling. The campaign also draws attention to the economic dimension of the recycling process and the benefits of the country in case of ideal application of such a strategy.

ii. Wild Life Issue:
The campaign highlights the negative effects of environmental wrong behaviors and interactions to instill correct behaviors to stop the current bleeding as a first stage followed by steering towards sound environmental activities to handle the environmental problems of wildlife in Kuwait

iii. Marine Life Issue:
The campaign aims to raise awareness of the nature of the problems that currently occur to marine life, then take actions or assist those carried out by some other parties in order to preserve marine life in Kuwait and the transfer of these efforts to the people, as well as the involvement of the public in all the details to direct them toward supporting such campaigns, particularly through volunteer activities. This is a relatively important objective for the creation of a state of active participation and making it a normal behavior for common people.

iv. The Issue of Environmental Diversity and Life Enrichment:
One off the most important goals of this campaign is to maintain the biodiversity of the Kuwaiti environment, as well as providing a real opportunity to achieve a natural growth of such diversity as it was in the past through the development of executive plans, motivation of stakeholders and drawing attention to the issue of environmental changes.

v. Natural Reserves:
The boom brought about by the presence of natural reserves in Kuwait has a great impact on the preservation of the environment. The campaign aims to introduce these reserves and raise awareness about their important environmental role, as well as to assist in the development of such reserves and support them to perform their role.

vi. Waste Collection and Enlightenment of Disposal Methods:
1. Used batteries collection campaign.
2. Expired medications collection campaign.

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